Food has never been Healthier and Tastier
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About Us

At The Greener Side's MyNutriKitchen, Pure Veg restaurant, we deliver the best health food with the healthiest and freshest ingredients based on science of nutrition and norms of Ayurvedic cooking, high in taste and quality

We serve a different meal menu everyday!!!


Why is our food healthy and so nutritious:

Food is freshly prepared. No Frozen. Not Preserved.
All the food items are loaded with vegetables.
No sugar is added to any of the items. Even the juices are sugar free.
Almost all seasonal fruits used in salads and juices are diabetic friendly.
Oil is used in its minimum required. If not we make it oil free.
Paneer is replaced by Tofu or low fat cottage cheese wherever needed.
All the sauces are freshly prepared in Greener Side's MyMutriKitchen.
All the sauces, soups, dressings are free from additives. No Maida.
Minimum required salt is added to the food to make it low sodium.
In soups, salads and sauces, lots of herbs are used to compensate the taste of salt. Generally olive oil is used in salads to retain the freshness of vegetables. But our salads are free from oil. It will be freshly prepared just before serving.

Breakfast and meals has been designed scientifically by nutritionist to ensure that in a course of 6 servings of breakfast or Meals intake of all essential healthy ingredients are covered to boost your health: Variety of grains like Jowar, Bajra, wheat, Brown-Rice, Barley, Soya etc.

Nutrition is loaded with colourful fruits and vegetables as salads and juices, balanced with dals, lentils, Sprouts, Oats, Milk and curds, Nuts like almond, hazelnuts, walnuts etc., Seeds like pumpkin, papaya, sesame, etc.