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About Us

We serve a different menu everyday!!!

Mynutrikitchen provides take-away and delivery of fresh nutritious food cooked based on science of nutrition and norms of ayurvedic cooking to make you free from all your worries:

  • If your cook is not educated enough to understand an equation of health and nutrition.
  • If you are running short of time, patience and efforts to spend on getting the fresh veggies. If veggies are not fresh, it is highly impossible to pour taste in food with little oil and spices.
  • If you or your cook is tired to cleaning the leafy greens sprinkled with lots of pesticides.
  • After fighting against all above successfully, if you are not able to get the taste and varieties of tastes and foods which closely deals with cooking skills. 

Health Aspect :
Food is freshly prepared. No Frozen. Not Preserved.
All the food items are loaded with vegetables.
No sugar is added to any of the items. Even the juices are sugar free.
All seasonal fruits used in salads and juices are diabetic friendly.
Oil is used in its minimum required. If not we make it oil free.
Paneer is replaced by Tofu or low fat cottage cheese wherever needed.
All the sauces are freshly prepared in MNK kitchen.
All the sauces, soups, dressings are free from junks like Maida.
Minimum required salt is added to the food to make it low sodium. In soups, salads and sauces lots of herbs are used to compensate the taste of salt. Generally olive oil is used in salads to retain the freshness of vegetables. But MNK salads are free from oil. It will be freshly prepared just before serving.
MNK breakfast and meals has been designed scientifically by nutritionist to ensure that in a course of 6 servings of breakfast, intake of all these essential healthy ingredients are been covered to boost your health : Variety of grains like Jowar, Bajra, wheat, Brown-Rice, Barley, Soya etc.
Loads of colourful fruits and vegetables every day in the form of salads and juices, Dals and lentils, Sprouts, Oats, Milk and curds, Nuts like almond, hazelnuts, walnuts etc., Seeds like pumpkin, papaya, sesame, etc.

Taste Aspect :
If food is healthy but not tasty, or even if it is tasty but not with varying tastes, we simply can't eat it every day. That's the reason behind having a different menu every day.

MNK has many healthy dishes from

  • North Indian
  • South Indian
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Chinese cuisines